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Why Join the IVC?

Established over five years ago and the IVC is now thriving with over 65 members. See below some benefits the International Venture Club offers you:

Develop relationships with co-investors - 
A major advantage of the International Venture Club is its powerful relationship building incentive -expand your circle, bounce the thoughts of others, and obtain some additional perspectives. The IVC enables you to engage with like-minded members, carefully invited venture capitalists, private equity investors and corporates at investor-only Round Table events. Whether it is for advice on or assistance, the International Venture Club will be your first portof call.

Follow sector-specific networks and trends - Stay up to date about latest technology trends - the IVC encourages and facilitates the exchange of knowledge ensuring you can always be one step ahead of your competitors. Moreover, the IVC provides a refined platform enabling you to effectively devote time to discuss sector-specific trends with co-investors and corporate partners in the highly specialized Industry Chapters.

Meet selected entrepreneurs
As a member of the International Venture Club, you will receive complementary delegate passes for Tech Tour Summits organized throughout the year, depending your membership type.  This ensures your attendance to events relevant to your interests, thereby facilitating quality deal-flow and building bridges across sectors allowing fruitful interaction with entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts.

Review the company profile database - IVC members have access to exclusive contents, allowing them to have valuable company information at their fingertips at any time. The database is annually updated with rich information on more than 2000 new emerging and growth stage companies and 1000 investors.

Visibility and exposure across the ecosystem - The IVC helps investors to significantly increase their visibility across the ecosystem. The activities undertaken annually by the IVC enable members to enhance their exposure at the international level across the Tech Tour events and its community. Moreover, the IVC membership has become a significant quality mark for investors over the course of time, equivalent for credibility and expertise.


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