The IVC is governed by a Member Council that takes leadership across all Club activities. Council Members are chosen at the Annual Member Assembly. Private entity Europe Unlimited SA provides full support service to the Club it all its activities. Through a Member Agreement with Europe Unlimited SA, Club Members remove all liabilities towards the organisation. The International Venture Club has a complementary role to all private equity associations, including the EVCA.


Club Charter & Assembly

  • The Members sign an “Applying Member Agreement” including a “Charter” and “Annual Plan” (updated every year) setting out the operational arrangements and the role and resources of the Assembly, the Club Council and the Service Provider
  • The Council or the Assembly authorise Applying Members into Approved Members
  • An Assembly can be called with 2 months notice by the Council Chair, by the Service Provider or by one quarter of Members and an Assembly will be validly constituted if half of its Members is present or represented
  • An Assembly is chaired by the outgoing Chair of Council
  • An Assembly elects the Council and approves the Annual Report  and the choice of Service Provider

Club Council 

  • Elected by collection of most Member votes at an Assembly
  • Membership is personal and reserved to senior representatives of Members:
    • Chair (1 Council Member elected by the Council)
    • Up to 6 Leaders or co-Leaders of Groups (6 Council Members)
  • Council Members can only serve for maximum 2 years, but will need to re-elected by the Assembly at least each year
  • The Council will have Meetings at each Roundtable
  • Reviews the Annual Report, proposed by the Service Provider
  • Reports to the Assembly 
  • Monitors the Service Provider
  • Pro-Bono Service

Group Leadership 

  • Each Group has a Leader and a number of co-Leaders appointed by the Council
  • Group (co-)Leaders support the Roundtable Group Sessions & Web Group Platforms 
  • Pro-Bono Service


Service Provider and its commitment

  • The Assembly approves the choice or change of Service Provider upon proposal of the Council
  • The Council manages and liaises with the Service Provider

The Service Provider agrees to:

  • Provide the Services to each Member as outlined in the Applying Member Agreement
  • Support the Members, the Assembly of Members and its elected Council as set out in Charter
  • Executes the Annual Plan
  • Agree to terminate its Services if decided by an Assembly with a 4 month notice